Here we are, in 2015!

WOW 2014 passed by like a flash! And you know what? It was a total blast!!! Like, seriously good. Every year seems to get better, and I am so grateful for all the amazing opportunities I had and experienced in 2014. Honestly, sometimes I have to pinch myself.

2014 was a year that a lot of things changed. BIG things! I got married…twice! (2 wedding parties, that is), I went back to modeling, which was the best decision ever! I got to be on national television and work for so many awesome people! Got to meet and make new wonderful friends. And had to prioritize and take a break from my blog in order to get a fresh new start and juggle all of this without going insane.

And here it is!

Hope to get back on track here and bring loads of new content again. Go back to my workout routine and keep up with my healthy life style that has been a blessing. You know NY its a fantastic but draining city and nothing better than to try and find peace in the chaos. Thats when reading and Yoga comes in handy :) Two things Ive been dedicating my time and I plan on keeping. I’ve decided, I’m going to be more productive than ever, and I’m going to work really hard – in every aspect of my life. That’s a promise to myself, and to you.

Hope 2015 to be even more amazing to us all!!

These are my new years resolutions, what are yours?


Ps: Please dont mind my horrible photoshop skills! Hopefully I’ll master it this year!


Off Duty








shirt: Calvin klein
top: Triton
shorts: F21
boots: Yosi Samra
bag: Mulberry

So lately my new challenge has been finding different ways to wear the “model uniform” aka black on black on black outfit.
10 out of 10 models wear black from head to toe and to stand up from this black sea crowd has been quite amusing :) Not only dress stylish on my day to day casting craze but it has to be also comfortable.
Thats when my prayers got answered and I got the most awesome pair of flat boots ever!!! Yosi Samra make the most comfortable and super stylish flats Ive ever seen. Go check it out!!!

And talking about modeling…exciting things coming :) cant wait to share!! Have an amazing week loves! xx B.