Off Duty








shirt: Calvin klein
top: Triton
shorts: F21
boots: Yosi Samra
bag: Mulberry

So lately my new challenge has been finding different ways to wear the “model uniform” aka black on black on black outfit.
10 out of 10 models wear black from head to toe and to stand up from this black sea crowd has been quite amusing :) Not only dress stylish on my day to day casting craze but it has to be also comfortable.
Thats when my prayers got answered and I got the most awesome pair of flat boots ever!!! Yosi Samra make the most comfortable and super stylish flats Ive ever seen. Go check it out!!!

And talking about modeling…exciting things coming :) cant wait to share!! Have an amazing week loves! xx B.


What to wear at a casino!

Hi!! Planning for outfits is one of the tasks I LOVE doing before travelling. Specially when involves a different activity like a Casino!!
Got me thinking about it and realized that often the perceptions we have of certain places is formed largely by the media. Television and movies provide visual portrayals that often become embedded in our minds especially when we haven’t experienced a certain place on our own. This is definitely true in regards to casino. For those who have never been to a land based venue, their ideal of proper dress may include tuxedos and ball gowns. Many movies like to aggrandize the status of people who visit the casino at night and clothe them in these items -Imagine Sharon Stone in Casino. However, this perception is quite off as today’s casinos prefer a more casual dress code, one known as smart casual.


Smart casual is also known as business casual. This means some of the garments that comprise an outfit very well could have been worn to the office. Therefore, some women find it much easier to start with a current outfit they wear to the office and tweak it some. Usually, this would require one of the garments to be replaced with a casual one. Typically, women will either change the bottom or the jacket. Taking away the bottom slacks or skirt could lead women to opt instead for jeans or khaki pants. This would provide the needed casual piece for the outfit.


Some women may prefer to ditch their suit jacket. They could then wear an attractive top specifically designed for an evening out. Another option is to wear a turtleneck or another kind of sweater. Many women do wear heels to the office. While they may look good, usually a lot of walking is required when visiting a casino, especially if you are sampling the many slots games. Wearing uncomfortable heels can hinder this and create achy feet. When a woman’s feet are aching, it makes it difficult to focus on one’s gambling. Don’t let this happen to you when visiting the casino at night.


What are your thoughts? Go glam or low key? Xx Bru